Elite Transducers Ltd supply systems into an extraordinary breadth of applications, but here are just a few where we have particular expertise. If you need any advice about a special application please contact our sales team who will be happy to help.

Agriculture & Livestock

Farming can reap many benefits from the application of load measurement systems as it allows both finished product and consumption of raw materials to be accurately measured and audited enabling clear analysis and targeted cost saving.

CranesCrane Safety

Elite Transducers have significant experience in the crane safety industry offering both off the shelf and custom solutions for both overload protection and load measurement.

Food Manufacture

High IP ratings come as standard on the majority of our products making them ideal for applications which require regular cleaning and sterilizing.

Atex ApprovedIntrinsically Safe applications

In some of the most demanding applications accuracy is not enough, an intrinsically safe product is also required to remove any risk of explosion or fire. We have extensive experience of these types of application and are approved to Atex/IECEx Ex ia IIC T6 and Ex tD A20 IP68 T85C so you can rest assured we can deliver a solution that exceeds your requirements.

MotorsportAutomotive & Motorsport

The importance of balanced weight distribution in motorsport cannot be underestimated, and this in conjunction with the close scrutiny of vehicle weight across a wide range of motorsport discliplines means it makes sense to have an accurate system available to check your vehicle at every stage of development and testing.


There are a multitude of applications within the medical devices industry, from safety overload systems integrated into patient hoists and beds to calibration systems for high-tech medical devices.

Refuse CollectionWaste Disposal

A growing industry, the application of weighting systems to domestic and industrial refuse collection equipment and weighbridges allows the operator to accurately measure and record the weight of material collected for either charging or internal auditing purposes.

Nuclear Industry

Elite Transducers have significant experience in supplying force measurement systems into the nuclear industry requiring some of the most stringent specifications of any application.